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Selasa, 11 November 2008

Leah Dizon Cosplay in Japanese TV

Hot American pin up model Leah Dizon had recently travelled to Japan and garnered plenty of attention on the Japanese language Internet. She’s very popular in Japan for her saucy poses and cosplaying, including getting decked out in a sailor-suit. Full article (in Japanese) and photos here. Leah is trying to make it big in Japan and has her own Japanese language website and blog

Our favourite non-Japanese pin up model, Leah Dizon appearing again on Japanese TV. She has become quite famous since she launched her Japanese language website and started learning Japanese.

Here is Japanese idol Leah Dizon in cosplay picture. Leah Dizon in Japanese TV. Leah Dizon Photos :

Leah DizonLeah Dizon

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Sabtu, 01 November 2008

Leah Dizon PSP Themes Wallpapers

PSP theme of Leah dizon, available Leah Dizon in sexy wallpapers themes for PSP.

This Theme PSP compatible with XMB 4.0, 4.01 firmware.

Leah Dizon PSP ThemesLeah Dizon PSP ThemesLeah Dizon PSP Themes

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