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Selasa, 02 Maret 2010

Beckii Cruel the next Leah Dizon

Beckii Cruel Leah Dizon

Although still exists in Modelling and entertainment, Leah Dizon now has a serious rival. Beckii Cruel now become spotlight in Japan, and famous for her cutie style that made her dubbed as The Next Leah Dizon.

Internet idol Beckii Cruel, 14, flew into Japan this week for several TV appearances and to promote "Pretty Cure All Stars DX2 Protect the Rainbow Light Jewel of Hope!," a movie based on the popular animation series.

Cruel, whose real name is Rebecca Flint, is from the Isle of Man in between Great Britain and Ireland, and has become famous in Japan courtesy of videos she posted online which feature her dancing to Japanese pop and anime songs.

Dressing up in cosplay, Cruel has been dubbed "the next Leah Dizon," with some labeling her "too cute." She was presented with a gold medal for her cuteness at the event where she sang and danced with 17 characters from the Pretty Cure series.

Cruel said: "I didn't have time to practice the dance but it turned out well. It was fun."

When asked about which Japanese winter athletes she knew, Cruel said she had watched videos of figure skater Daisuke Takahashi, 23, on Youtube. Cruel said Takahashi is very talented and urged him to do his best.

"Pretty Cure All Stars DX2 Protect the Rainbow Light Jewel of Hope!" opens in cinemas on March 20.

After all, Beckii Cruel still too young, and absolutely cannnot be compared with Leah Dizon. Leah Donna Dizon still is the best.

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