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Rabu, 07 Oktober 2009

Leah Dizon come back for Exile Words

A super idol and sexy car model Leah Dizon was reported to come back on her first acting called "Words ~Yakusoku/Uragiri~ Subete, Ushinawareshi Mono no Tame...".
Leah Dizon who is retired a while after married and born her first baby on April, is one of the most anticipated idol now in Japan.

Leah Dizon will star with Japan popular band Exile leader "Hiro", Akira, Matsu, actress Keiko Oginome, Erina Mizuno. Leah Dizon will play the girlfriend of the central character. Apparently she dies during the war but is brought back to life as a cyborg who apparently is good at beating people up. Wow ... all new hot fantasies could come out of that for Dizon fans!

The story takes place in a city in the near future, after World War III. AKIRA plays the main character, whose girlfriend Sasha (played by Dizon) dies during the war but is brought back to life as a cyborg. (The character will have unnatural pronunciation, which is said to fit well for Dizon as she is a non-native speaker of Japanese.) Dizon will also be doing action scenes for the play, as the cyborg Sasha beats up men one after another.

MATSU, Keiko Oginome, and Erina Mizuno are part of the supporting cast. The play will be performed at the Aoyama Theatre in Tokyo from October 29 to November 11, then at the Theater BRAVA! in Osaka from November 20 to 23.

Leah Dizon, before she married and born her child, is a sexy idol and model
leah dizon come back exile

Exile Japan famous group band
japan group exile

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