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Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

Leah Dizon is producing new album Grown

Leah Dizon back to studio

Leah Dizon come back again to studio. There has already 1 year since Leah gave birth to her baby, Mila, and since that time Leah Dizon stop every activities she usually does, including singing.

Leah Dizon has not released any album anymore since her last album Communication!!! released in August 2008. But now, seems that Leah will on the way in producing new album. She said that the album is finally in the works.

Here is Leah Dizon said about her come back to studio. Hope Leah Dizon will soon release her new album. We are waiting for your new songs, Leah.

Hey! How YOU doin'?
I'm great!

It looks like Ameba has updated it's program. I can only access mail from April (^_^;).
I'll look into it ...

I feel so happy to finally be back in the studio!!! ... And so incredibly blessed to be able to put out another album for you guys. Thank you so much for all of your support. The music, everything, it's all for you. It's all because of you. Thank you so much for allowing me to sing my songs to you m(_ _ )m.

Almost two years has passed since the last record!
I've changed a lot since then ... "Grown" is a better word. I've grown a lot. It definitely shines through the music.
This time around, I'll be working on the album with producers and songwriters the whole way through, composing, writing, etc. It's fun having a bigger part of the creative process, also a bit nerve wrecking ...
I hope ya'll will like it! Ganbarimasu!

No word on release dates, et cetera, but the album is finally in the works! So stay tuned!
Please keep checking back for updates (^ε^)♪!

Thanks for reading!

Leah Dizon back to studio

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